8 Simple Tricks To Satisfy Your Partner & Strengthen Your Relationship! |

In our day-to-day lives, work, school, and other stressors can make it hard to maintain a strong relationship like when they first started. It can be a struggle to get a relationship back in the place that you want it to be. “Well, it seems to me that the best relationships – the ones that last – are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship.” – Gillian Anderson But like Nicholas Sparks mentioned, “Every couple needs to argue now and then. Just to prove that the relationship is strong enough to survive. Long-term relationships, the ones that matter, are all about weathering the peaks and the valleys.” Luckily, there are plenty of things that can help strengthen a relationship and keep the feeling of love steady and strong. It’s the little things that really help build up a relationship. Sure, you need the strong foundations to start off with, but the smaller things help build up a relationship and keep it strong.

1. Check Up On Each Other

When you both make it a habit to check in on one another, it can really help strengthen the feeling of love between you. Couples who call one another after a long day at work to see how they’re feeling, or send a text to make sure that they made it home okay after a long journey, will have a better connection and feel taken care of by one another. It’s such a small thing, but it can really make a world of difference.

2. Laughing Together

A couple who can share a sense of humor and laugh together will form all kinds of emotional bonds that can help keep the relationship running strong. Psychologist Doris Bazzini, Ph.D. says, “Laughter reminiscence packs an additional punch because people relive the moment by laughing again.” Whether you decide to sit down with a funny movie, or just an evening of watching funny YouTube videos, laughing together is important. Once a couple laughs together, their brains will be wired to associate each other with happiness and laughter.

3. Sharing Is Caring

Whether it’s just your feelings, or emotional and traumatic things from your past, learning to share with your partner can make your relationship that much stronger. Couples who feel as if they can tell one another anything will have a stronger relationship than couples who are afraid to be vulnerable with one another. Strength comes from being able to trust one another, and couples who can share will have a strong and lasting relationship.

4. Good Listening Skills

Everyone wants to feel heard when they talk, so having good listening skills is important in any relationship. Everyone should be able to listen openly when their partner speaks. Letting your partner know that you’re listening to their feelings, fears or concerns will help make it easier for them to trust you. With trust, comes strength in any relationship. Couples who are good at listening to one another will have a lasting, strong relationship.

5. Honesty Is The Best Policy

Being completely honest will help keep the relationship strong, even if it’s not something that your partner wants to hear. Couples who are able, to be honest about how they’re feeling, what they’re thinking and their opinions on certain topics are able to keep their relationship strong despite all of it. “What honesty gives you is a great deal of comfort. Knowing you can implicitly trust your mate allows you to be your best self, and your relationship will continue to thrive because you are able to give each other the positive energy you need to navigate life’s ups and downs,” says psychotherapist, syndicated columnist, and radio host Barton Goldsmith Ph.D. It’s important to be able to trust that your partner is going to be honest with you, no matter what.

6. Giving In To Impulse

Being spontaneous helps make sure that the relationship doesn’t fall into a rut. If you want to get in the car and take a vacation one town over for the weekend, do it! If you want to make random plans, follow through! “Over time, it’s inevitable that life falls into a pattern of routine and “same old, same old.” It’s easy to fall into behaviors that are reliable, steady, and boring as well. So it’s important to change it up from time to time to alter our thinking, provide a new perspective, and create interest and excitement,” says psychiatrist Abigail Brenner M.D. Couples will have a strengthened relationship when they’re able to go with the flow and give in to their impulses.

7. Take Mental Notes

Remembering the things that your partner likes and dislikes will mean that you’re paying close attention to your partner. Then, you’ll be able to show them that you’ve paid attention by giving them the things that they enjoy and avoiding the things they don’t. Couples who are able to focus on one another and take mental notes to remember the important things will always have a strong relationship together.

8. Teasing One Another

Nothing has to be serious all the time! Couples should be able to know when to give in and tease one another – especially if it means cheering one another up. Knowing when enough is enough is an important part of being able to tease one another. Couples with a strong relationship will know when to stop teasing – but the teasing itself will help keep the relationship strong.

There are always a downside and an upside to everything. When it comes to long-term relationships, even that has its advantages and disadvantages. It is a loving and secure relationship as two people have spent enough time with each other. People reach a level of intimacy where they no longer need to close the door before just going to the bathroom. However, where all the comfort level lies so do all the problems. You do not even realize and you are in a rut where s3x has also become a chore. You are just sleeping with each other once a week and that too in the laziest position possible. Then you just roll over and go back to sleep, wake up next morning and go to work.

Not many people agree or admit to it but things do simmer down between people. And keeping the passion and spark alive is not easy to do. There are a million times when you want to have s3x and want to show your love to your partner but you would just rather watch your best Netflix show and literally chill instead. But s3x is important in a relationship, it has its benefits and it also keeps your bond intact. It has its psychological and physiological benefits to it. Especially if you are regular about it rather than occasional.

If you have been with your partner for a while now and things are not as amazing as before – you are leading to stagnation. It’s about time that you mix and shake things up. There are a few things that you can do to make things more exciting and rejuvenate things. You can take it as a fun activity rather than looking at it like a chore.

1. Have Morning s3x At Least Once A Week

According to research morning s3x will do wonders for you. Science backs up the claim that not only will it be less self-conscious but it will also be a good start for the day. You wake up to happiness and your day runs smoothly for hours till end. Both the people in the relationship have higher levels of happy hormone and extra energy to do their routinely work.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Surprise Your Partner

There are many people out there who claim that they do not like surprises and throw a bit of a tantrum when faced with one. We all know that regardless of how you react to a surprise, you secretly still love it deep down inside. And when you talk about surprise s3x – NO ONE HATES IT.

When you get back home from work and you see that your partner is in the mood and they want to please you towards the end of the day – there is nothing like it. You stand there silently when they slowly unbutton your shirt and drag you to the bed. The whole charm of this is that this cannot happen on a daily basis otherwise it would lose its charm. A surprise is only for marked occasions.

3. Take An Evening To Share Your Ultimate Fantasies

The best thing about dating someone for a long time is that you are not conscious in front of them and you are open about your likes and dislikes. There is no shyness or awkwardness there. So now, you can very easily voice your fantasies and your partner will be more willing to drive into them rather than judging you over it. If a person explains what all turns them on and if you love them you are ready to do all those things just to please them. So have a productive conversation about what you would like be it role-play or toys. In addition, find a common ground where both the partners can enjoy themselves. We also have to keep in mind that some things are better left as fantasies and are not entirely possible – so keep your mind open to that and not dive into something like this thoughtlessly.

There are times that you think you know everything about a person but you will be surprised. People can also develop the liking for new things over time and a conversation will help you uncover them.

4. Flirt Like You Mean It

Flirting is not just a tool to get the person you like, it is something that should continue and not end. The only purpose of flirting is not to get your target of affection but to keep things exciting and playful. This is another way of communication to your partner that you still find them attractive and boost their ego. Even if you are not intending to have s3x, you can always throw them a sign here and there to create that tension. Another plus point to this is that you do not get out of the game and get rusty either – not that you should use that on someone else.

5. Make A Plan to Try One New s3x Position a Month

There are books like ‘Kama Sutra’ for a very valid reason. Just sticking to one flavor of ice cream even sounds boring let alone making your taste buds go through that torture. There are many positions that can be incredible fun if you take the slight effort of trying them out. You can’t just get so lazy that you only have intercourse in a missionary position. Also keeping realistic expectations in mind as you cannot be a master of s3x – or be super good at it the first time around. Maybe trying it a few times will help you get better and take the maximum out of it. Trying new position is essential and it is the easiest way to keep things alive and kicking.

6. Get To Third Base Someplace Public-ish

Why just stick to your bedroom when you can make the world your oyster? There are multiple places where you can get it on and have the thrills attached to it. It is boring to have safe s3x away from prying eyes or the thrill of being caught. Having s3x in the same setting can be boring very quick. However, that certainly does not mean you should start shagging in a public park but you can try adventurous things like going hiking and going to third base in a secluded place. Having a checklist for different places can be fun on its own.

7. Meet Each Other For The First Time — Again

I think everyone has done a few clichéd role-playing in their lives but that does not mean that you are limited on the roles. You can even try ‘role playing’ in places other than your bedroom or your home. If you are flying off somewhere or on a vacation, you can try new things over there. How about you seriously play this game and pretend as if you do not know each other and act like you are meeting each other for the first time in your life.

8. Make Out. Often.

Making out and foreplay is so underestimated that you can’t even imagine. Penetration and reaching orgasms is not the only thing at the end of the day. Foreplay can make things hot in ways that you can’t imagine. Other times you can just leave it half way through instead of ending up having s3x also. Small make outs here and there will only increase the s3xual tension between you two and make things more playful at the end of the day.

If it was in my hands, I would kiss my partner for hours till end but unfortunately I do not have time. Only if a person did not have to spend half the day earning a living we would be able to spend more time with each other.

9. Take Advantage Of Technology

Imagine all the times you have sent a dirty text to your partner would you be rich? Well you should be, that is how often you should be s3xt-ing your partner. Not only that but also other things like dropping nudes will make wonder happen. One always needs an extra push to get things started and this is the way to do it. This way you can even look forward to come home, hoping that things will not be gloomy and monotonous.

10. Watch p0rn Together

Kindly let go of the thought that only men watch p0rn, women enjoy it equally. It is unfortunate that all the p0rn being made is mostly men-centric but women enjoy what is down their alley. Watching p0rn might even give your ideas about the things you will like in bed. You will only find out if you try and maybe it is something that both of you can enjoy. There are people who do not like visuals, as they don’t do the trick for them. If you are one of those people, you can even read erotic stories that are available on the internet.

11. Tease Each Other

Teasing is always a good way to bug your partner in a jovial manner. You can do it with words or even your actions. If you do not like doing both, you can always do it expressions also. This will only lead a person to thinking about what you did and find this s3xual attention exciting.

12. End Every Argument With Make-Up s3x

There should be a rule like kissing your partner every time you leave the house or just simply dealing with matters and arguments and later having s3x. There is nothing better than to speak your mind, let everything out and feel easy. And when you are done doing that you can always end it with a bang.

13. Play ‘Everything But’

Not everyone is aware of this game but it can be very interesting to play. In this game you can do anything but have s3x – so anything that is not included in intercourse is allowed. This way you will explore new areas of foreplay and eventually banging each other will become worth it too.

14. Communicate What Feels Good (And What Needs Work)

The whole point of having good s3x and making sure you can have that experience again is to communicate it to your partner. The next time around they can even make it better for you. This way a person knows what they are doing right and whether their partner is liking it or not. What you feel is very important and it should be in your partner’s knowledge.

15. Add s3x Toys To The Mix

The array of s3x toys out there makes your life much easier. There are so many new things out there that you can play with that you will never run out of toys. It is all about making sure that you are open to the idea and will not take it on your ego that on has to substitute a toy instead of you – that is the wrong approach to it. Being open to new ideas will only open your possibilities of fun and pleasure.

16. Embrace The Magic Of Foreplay

Men usually directly want to go to the point, they do not realize that waiting it out will actually lead them to a better ending. Foreplay can do magic for people instead of constantly having quickies. If the buildup is better, the better the end – its simple logic.

17. Put Your Pride On The Line

Not everyone can be good at doing a striptease – it is pure talent. One has to be super confident and comfortable in their skin to do it. However, that certainly does not mean that you do not try, you never know that you have a hidden talent.

There Are Supposedly Five Different Types Of Lady Bits In The World, And Here They Are |

As taboo as it may be to talk about our private parts and as awkward as some of these conversations can be, in all reality, there’s really not much to be embarrassed about. We all go to the bathroom, shower (or don’t shower), smell, sleep, and let out some wind. Some of us have better personal hygiene than others, while other people are more lax about the way they look like.

Anyone who works in health and beauty—specifically in the areas of waxing and/or laser hair removal—can probably attest to the fact that every single body in this world is different. Although men and women come packaged with the same goods, we’re all packaged very differently.

And who better to explain the different shapes and variations of our precious female parts than a long time wax specialist? A former wax specialist recently described the five different types of female parts she has experienced in her life, and here they are.

1. Ms. Horseshoe: This shape, so delicately called the horseshoe, typically encompasses a wider opening at the top of a lady’s woman parts.

This type of shape usually has an exposed labia minora which meets at the bottom.


That part of our lady bits can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.


Someone with a Ms. Horseshoe shape will have a labia minora which looks like an upside-down horseshoe.


2. Ms. Curtains: This shape is pretty self-explanatory, and is the type of shape that wax specialists see the most throughout their careers.


A Ms. Curtains shape is pronounced by a longer labia minora which extends past the labia majora.


The labia minora are the inner folds of skin in the middle of a vulva (the external part of a woman’s privates) and can also be considered the inner lips. The labia majora are the two folds of skin above the labia minora.


A Ms. Curtains shape has a slightly extended labia minora and vaguely resembles the shape of curtains, hence the name.


3. Ms. Barbie: This shape typically consists of the labia majora (the outer lips) almost completely covering the majority of the labia minora (the inner lips).


If a woman has a Ms. Barbie-shaped labia, their inner lips will typically rest high against the pelvic bone. In popular culture, this shape is considered to be the most aesthetically pleasing.

Wikimedia Commons

This shape is typically the least common amongst women. It is the type of shape which is glorified in adult films and is the type of shape most people think women should have.


Most women do not have this shape. It is often considered unrealistic and too “perfect”, much like an actual barbie.


4. Ms. Tulip: This shape of a woman’s private parts most resembles a flower bud which is on the verge of blooming. It most commonly looks like a tulip which is about to bloom.


The labia minora (inner lips) in the Ms. Tulip shape are exposed ever-so-slightly through the labia majora (outer lips).


The labia minora are exposed just slightly but are also contained within the outer lips.


A Ms. Tulip shape differs from a Ms. Curtains shape in that the labia majora closes in on the labia minora, revealing a small part of the inner lips, as opposed to the Ms. Curtains shapes which fully exposes the inner lips.


5. Ms. Puffs: This type of shape looks most similar to Ms. Barbie, but has some slight differences.


A Ms. Puffs shape has lips which rest quite a bit lower than a Ms. Barbie. The lips can be either extremely full and puffy, or skinny and loose.


Some people believe that the fullness or looseness of a woman’s genitals is caused by age or weight, but this is not true.


Now that you’ve read about the various shapes, sizes and forms a woman’s private parts can take, remember that every woman is shaped differently. No private part should be considered unusual or abnormal in shape and size because they are all unique.



Do you remember what happened in your teens as you hit puberty and your bodies became ready to begin the mating process? Well, at that time whenever you were horny, your body permitted you to do anything that came naturally to you and experience the ecstasy and the joy of s3x, even if it meant doing unpleasant things. As teens, we had the right to get horny and explode with the urges of s3x, whether it was getting turned on by a hairbrush, a broom stick, or a papaya. Unpleasant things gave us the pleasure at that given moment when we were horny, just like these Reddit users on this list who confess their experience of their horny days.

1. I wrapped some paper towel around the 12 gauge shotgun to soften it, then put a condom on it and ma*sturbated.

2. Microwaved the banana peel and f*cked it, but realized never to put my d*ck in a freshly microwaved banana peel after that.

3. When I was alone at home and horny, I needed to jerk off and the photo of the birth of Venus was the only thing available.

4. I heated up ham and put it in a Ziploc bag, then engulfed it on my d*ck and ma*sturbated.

5. The dictionary definition of ‘s3xual intercourse’ was enough for me to ma*sturbate in my teens, as there was no p0rn that time.

6. I tried to f*ck a snowball once and realized it was one of the most unpleasant things, ever to do. It felt like rubbing d*ck on an ice-rink floor.

7. I was really horny and this girl asked me to hang two-liter milk bottle on my balls first before she can give me a BJ and I did it.

8. I happen to f*ck a can of Chef Boyardee ravioli and I had an orgasm too. Pleasure with unpleasant things.

9. I stole a traffic cone and used this unpleasant thing for my pleasure purpose, by f*cking it with some vaseline put on it.

10. I ma*sturbated with a big handful of calamari, as I was drunk, thinking it would give my tentacles a good sensation. Well, I was wrong.

11. Since I didn’t want to get a mold in my v*gina, I put a condom on the banana and f*cked myself.

12. I was curious, hence, I put on a condom on my d*ck and jerked off, as I wanted to see all my cum in one place stacked.

13. Being a gay, I pretended to jerk off on my sharpie, imagining it to be somebody else’s d*ck.

14. ma*sturbated with an industrial vibrator after I shaved my pubes. Looked down and saw a bloody vibrator because of the little grown up hair, that acted as a sandpaper against the vibrator.

15. While putting a stalk of celery in me because I was horny, I went and broke my hymen in the bargain.

16. My backside is in pain as I tried to put my d*ck in and got hurt in the process.

17. I used my grandma’s massive rolls of thread to ma*sturbate, as she was a seamstress.

18. I was all bored out during the SAT and I ma*sturbated under the table with this s3xy girl next to me.

19. I put a condom on the towel holder and shoved it in my v*gina and ma*sturbated, as I was too horny.

20. When I was extremely horny, I ma*sturbated looking at this online home shopping hostess.

21. This girl wanted to pee in my mouth before she could jerk me off at 2 am on the terrace, as I had no option, I let her do it.

22. Logged onto P0rnhub and ma*sturbated watching this car wash clip.

23. My vibrator batteries were over, so I pulled off the TV remote batteries and got my job done.

24. I created a fleshlight out of a towel, rubber band, rubber glove and vaseline, then taped it on the desk and f*cked it.

25. I tried to f*ck a toilet paper roll and got badly cut on my d*ck, after which I realized never to do it without lube.

26. Song of Solomon had the word bre*asts mentioned, which was enough for me to ma*sturbate in my teens.

27. I pretended I was Randy Macho Man Savage and screamed his quotes while making out with this girl, till she came.

28. In my friend’s house having a pool party, I confess I jerked off in the pool looking at all the scantily dressed girls moving around.

29. My vibrator batteries had finished, being so horny I used the phallic-shaped perfume bottle in desperation, as no other things were found, but it was too unpleasant.

30. I went for a massage and I got so horny that I paid this old masseuse to give me a handjob and I must confess, she did great.

31. Once on a vacation, I confess I had a quickie inside the Vatican’s dark alcoves, just that I could brag about it later.

32. I was damn horny and bought this cantaloupe, but followed the instruction which said to heat it up before use. Rest is an unpleasant history.

33. I once did it in the church toilet on a Sunday morning service, with this guy I met first time as I was pretty horny.

34. I confess trying to suck my own d*ck while watching p0rn as I was very horny and thought, nothing like pleasuring oneself.

35. One day all alone on the beach, with no one around I felt so horny, that I ma*sturbated with the handle of my hair brush.

36. I tried masturbating by using hand sanitizer, which was a burning mistake. I confess never to try it out.

37. I cut a hole on a spread eagle lady’s vag!na in a Playboy magazine and f*cked it till I came.

38. My ex-girl got married and I jerked off on her wedding video, which I came across online.

39. While washing my dirty shoes I felt horny and the next thing I knew, I was f*cking my shoes filled with water.

40. I confess putting a condom on the tip of the rolling pin, added some lube and fixed it standing in-between the couch and rode it.

42. I have no morals when I’m horny, then I use anything that comes my way knife handles, bottles, teddy bear or pillows.

43. I confess that I have shoved many things in my backside, but nothing like a broom stick.

44. In the pre-p0rn days, I would jerk off on the naked people photos in the Nazi camp. Hence, I ma*sturbated to the Holocaust as a teen.




10+ Hilariously Disturbing Photos Of Bearded Men Looking Straight Up |

Oh boredom, the creativity you can bring out in some people. Bearded internet users have found a new challenge: looking straight up and taking a picture. Sounds simple, but the results are hilarious.

As it turns out, bearded men taking these oddly angled shots create some pretty freaky photos. Some of the results are just plain disturbing, while others end up looking like real people and fictional characters. This trend truly plays tricks on your eyes.

Take a look at these 12 guys who let boredom get the better of them.

1) It looks like this guy put his shirt on backward for added effect. If you stare at it for long enough, you’ll see it starts to look like the back of a guy’s head. He’s missing a neck but has a killer mohawk.


2) As you can see, a sharpie and some props can go a long way. Does this look like anyone familiar to you? Reddit users have pointed out it looks like the Muppet character, Beaker.


3) Oh how quickly a goatee can turn into a mohawk. That “hairdo” probably doesn’t even need any gel. It sort of looks like the back of a super hairy baby’s head. Too weird.

Henkko Nieminen

4) If the concept itself doesn’t look weird enough for you, these next-level photoshop skills will haunt your dreams. Remember the Coneheads? This must be the terrifying new generation of alien visitors.


5) It looks like men with a little more hair can get some pretty unique results. Does this guy remind you of any particular half-human, half-giant you might know of? Because I’m getting Harry Potter vibes. It’s Hagrid!


6) Cousin Itt? Could that be you? I think the Addams Family character might have forgotten to straighten his hair. And, where are his glasses and top hat? You can’t fool us, mister.

Warren Billups

7) Check out this masterpiece. When Photoshop and props just aren’t your thing, this is what it comes down to, a sharpie and an “artist”. It doesn’t take much to make the internet laugh.


8) Ch-ch-ch-chia! If you don’t have the time or patience to grow your own Chia Pet, you can just grow something similar on your face. No watering, no feeding, just grooming.

Matthew Robert Whitaker

9) Emojis, the best thing since sliced bread. Who would have thought we’d see one of these “creatures” that would give us nightmares. This little “neck man” is adorable.


10) Red-bearded men seem to really like this trend. A famous redhead comes to mind with this photo. Throw some glasses on this guy’s neck and he would look just like Ed Sheeran?


11) Call the fire trucks! The smoke coming out of this guy’s mouth gives the illusion his neck man’s hair is on fire.


12) This is a PSA to all the men out there who want to try this, don’t do it if you are beardless. If you do, you’re going to end up looking like a…well, I think you can come to your own conclusion.





















































10 Female Accidents That Men Really Literally Love. |

Woman, today we will talk about some accidents that happen to you and that you probably hate, but that the boys love. So is; What a shame to you, for a man usually means a very attractive detail that ignites it and incites it to sin. Do you know what accidents we talked about? Keep reading; you’ll be surprised:

1.- Let your thong be noticed

2.- That you notice something because of the cold


3.- That you notice something by the water


4.- Let something fall on the cleavage


5.- That you get the bra strap


6.- Eat a banana


7.- Lift your skirt


8.- Separate and pronounce the breasts with the bag


9.- Let the bra under the clothes


10.- Not having ordered hair



You will enjoy these pics

Woman With The Most Beautiful Buttocks In China Is Worried As She Can’t Wear Tight Clothes In Public |

Gao Qian is the woman with the most beautiful buttocks in China and has won contests due to her stunning looks. She is a part-time trainer and has managed to gain a lot of followers and fans who adore her perfect buttocks.

According to champion “Life is not always easy for a woman with a curvy body”.

Gao Qian is worried as she is afraid that she won’t be able to wear tight fitting clothes in public. Every time she wears tight clothes she gains a lot of attention from people in public sure to her beautiful buttocks. This is the reason that she prefers wearing loose fitting clothes when she goes out in public.

The first time she was embarrassed was when a man praised her beautiful buttocks in front of his girlfriend and she got angry and they argued in front of her.

This woman from China is the winner of ‘most beautiful buttocks’ contest that was held in Shenyang in a shopping mall- Miss BumBum competition in Brazil on June 24. 50 women with beautiful buttocks participated in this contest and shook their curvy bottoms to impress the judges.

She is a blogger and fitness trainer and uploads her daily activities on her blog. Gao is 5 ft 7 inches and weighs 60 kg took a part in this contest after pointed by her friend.

Being a fitness fanatic she spends six hours a day doing squats and lunges to keep her body in shape. She said “I’m very pleased with the results. I will carry on training no matter how hard it might get. This is the career I love”

She never had any kind of surgeries or implants. To her, a beautiful rear means it’s ‘curvy’ and ‘plump’.

She is embarrassed to wear tight clothes in public and said: “people would surround me and point at my backside”.

She used to work out for min 6 hours a day to win the contest and was pictured squatting in the final moments before going on stage.

10 Reasons Why Men Love Chubby Women |

the branch of psychology at unam carried out a new take a look at which revealed that guys had been 10 instances happier with chubby girls than men who have been in a dating with skinny girls. and, in this newsletter,

we offer you 10 motives why is this so.
1. you’ve got were given extra to love.
greater pounds to adore.

2. sweetness everywhere
those ladies are sweet in looks, and that they adore sweets as well.

3. food fans
which guys might no longer love a lady that likes food? ingesting along with your woman is just amusement.

4. better chefs
of direction, in case you want a person to like you, make him great meals.

5. lovable hugs
we all understand that hugging obese people is genuinely a joy.

6. amusing, amusing, amusing
chubby women are funnier. and, laughs identical happiness.

7. curves
ladies with curves are a definition of attractiveness.

8. you already know a way to lead them to glad
on every occasion you need or need to buy them some thing, that chocolate would make them extraordinarily glad.

9. they realize no diets
they would not bother you with diets, so that you might experience consuming with them.

10. no dull gym
obese women do now not pressure their men to be fit. well, in place of lifting weights, you’ll elevate boxes of goodies.
as you may see, you clearly can’t dislike chubby girls. so, if you have were given one, you recognize the joy.
















































Guy Gets Punched In Face By Mia Khalifa After Trying To Take Selfie With Her |

You ever wake up and think to yourself. “I wonder what Mia Khalifa is doing today?” Well, today she is punching fans right in the face!

Mia at one time was the most popular p0rnstar in the world. She quit the game and has lived a pretty normal life, just calling out athletes on Twitter and starting a cooking series. Now she is punching people who use to beat their meat to her in the dome!

Can you imagine if this was reversed? If some fan of Justin Beeb ran up to him (female fan) and he clocked her in the face? Shit would be through the fan!

A San Antonio, Texas man was reportedly punched in the face by ex-p0rn star Mia Khalifa after taking a selfie without asking first.


According to The Daily Mail, the man posted a picture of his bruised face on his Twitter account.

“Got a pic with Mia Khalifa and she punched me in the face and left a bruise,” the man, dubbed @FourthTigerClaw wrote in the photo’s caption.

As of Tuesday night, the tweet amassed at least 9,000 likes and 3,700 retweets.

It also garnered several replies from fans of Khalifa sharing pictures they’d managed to take with her without being punched.

Fans came to Mia’s defense showing selfies of their own with the former p0rnstar.


Khalifa apparently replied to one of those messages stating, in reference to @FourthTigerClaw, “you were the sweetest. Thank you for asking me nicely rather than jumping in front of me while I was walking & shoving a cam in my face.”

She was getting trolled pretty hard in response to the punch she landed on the fan:

U been getting put on camera so why are u all of a sudden camera shy?

First: why is she even relevant?Second:

if her male counter part, Aka, Ray William Johnson, did the same thing to a female fan, there would be outrage. Double standards much?

Wow, now if the roles were reversed everyone would be hating on him. Total bullshit, that’s why the feminist movement is going no where because they don’t want equality they want to be superior.

You’re a celebrity in public. People will want to take pics w/ you. He’s far enough away that she had no reason to feel unsafe, and unless he actually touched her, she’s in the wrong for hitting him. That’s just fucked up.

Love everyone (mainly women) who are defending this unjustified outbreak of unprovoked violence. Imagine if a male celebrity just punched a female fan in the street for taking a picture, there’d be vag!na hats everywhere and rage. If a white man punched a woman there’d be even more outrage. Twats

You didn’t like your picture being taken so you punched someone? That’s called assault. Don’t like your picture being taken? Well that’s the price for being in the public eye and not having to get a real job. Grow up you silly little girl.

























12 Reasons Why Men Love Going Down On Women |

Men are the real MVPs because they never refuse to go down on women. They crave every bit of their girl. That’s why they never let go of any chance to hail their queen. Men have this clear idea that if they fail in satisfying their girl then that’s going to affect their relationship and that might end up with a breakup. Want to know more real reasons why men love the idea of going down on you? Here are 12 legit reasons why men love going down on women.

1. It’s a sign of serious intimacy

Going down of women triggers the s3xual fantasies of men and it spice up their bedroom experience.

2. He gets turned on too


Nothing can be s3xier than going down on women. It gives guys several boners as they love serving their queen.

3. Also, he simply likes to make you feel good


Because they prioritize their girl’s pleasure over everything and do everything to make them feel good.

4. He loves your fingers in his hair


It is so satisfying to get a head massage from your woman while going down on her. Legit perfection!

5. Men are curious


Men’s curiosity and love can make them do everything. They wish to explore every inch of their better-half.

6. It helps you connect s3xually


Nothing can make your bond stronger than a deep s3xual connection. It gives your relationship hype and the power to keep it stable.

7. He hopes it will bring you closer to having a dual climax


Men, being the selfish creatures they’re, think that if they go down on women then they’ll get the same treatment. And they’re not actually wrong.

8. So that he can focus entirely on you


It gives them all the charge over their woman’s body so all they do is take time to enjoy with their private parts.

9. The view is great


Those lips, hanging out of your vag!na, asking to be sucked really turns a man on.

10. The angle is a lot different

Going down on women is totally mesmerising because guys fantasize this moment their whole life.

11. He can get a full-frontal view with zero effort


It makes everything easy for a man because he doesn’t feel the need to bend over or slip your body to see his love of life.

12. Men believe in sexual karma


These 25 people had confess what it was really like to give a blow job for the first time:

























People Are Praising Kim Kardashian For Being Honest About This Family Photo |

We can’t help it, Kim Kardashian is everywhere and it’s absolutely amazing. People just love watching her every move. Whether it’s keeping up with her family’s TV show, or following her latest trends, we love Kim K.

Well, moving from her sense of fashion to her gorgeous hair to her perfect makeup, her family is the next thing that people are loving to see. I mean, to say that her and Kanye’s family is goals is an understatement. They are a gorgeous family, with perfect style.

Ever since the third Kardashian-West baby was born, fans have been dying to see an updated family photo. I mean, we all want to see how the family looks with little Chicago West in the photo. She was born in January.

You can rely on Kim to give the fans what they ask for on her Instagram page. On Easter weekend, she posted an upgraded photo of her family and fans are in pure awe. They all look like fashion icons, including baby Chicago.

Instagram @KimKardashian

But what fans are loving, even more, is how real Kim’s caption was to the photo. Something that all us “regular” folks with kids can relate to. It has to do with taking a group photo and how challenging it can be for small kids.

Instagram @KimKardashian

You would think that people who are not a Kardashian-West are the only ones who experience kids crying while you try to take their picture. But nope, Kim is here to tell you that she experiences the exact same feeling.

Twitter @KimKardashian

In her caption, Kim gave her fans some behind-the-scenes details about making this photo possible. She revealed that getting the perfect shot was actually a pure nightmare. The mothers out there feel you girl! They totally feel ya!

Twitter @KimKardashian

She even took to her Twitter account, noting that emotions that day got the best of everyone mid photoshoot. She tweeted, “I don’t think you really understand how hard it is to take a good family pic. This was all we got before all three kids started crying. I think I cried too”.

Instagram @KimKardashian

Kim even went into more detail about the photo, noting that if you look closely you can tell that she’s gripping the back of her son Saint’s shirt. She did this to stop him from running off mid-photo.

Instagram @KimKardashian

She tweeted, “One hand holding the baby and the other hand grabbing the back of Saint’s shirt because he kept running away lol”. But leave it to Kim’s fans to analyze every detail of a Kardashian photo. One fan noticed that Ms. North West was actually standing on Kim’s foot.

Instagram @KimKardashian

But no one cared about the minor details of this photo. What fans really loved about it was how real Kim was and how relatable it truly was. One fan commented on Instagram, saying “I feel your pain! Family pics are so hard to take but the memories are so precious! Lovely pic”.

Instagram @KimKardashi