Daddy Called Daughter to Catch Cheating Wife

She is a smart kid and did as father told her to do.
“Hello. Hi Honey. This is daddy. Is Mommy near the phone?”

“No daddy. She is upstairs in the bedroom with Uncle Paul.”

After a short pause, daddy says: “but honey, you don’t have an uncle Paul.”

“Oh yes, mommy says I do and he is upstairs with mommy in the bedroom right now.”

After a short time, daddy says: “Okay, then this is what I want you to do. Put the phone down on the table, run upstairs and knock on the bedroom door and scream that daddy’s car just pulled into the driveway.”

“Okay daddy, just a minute.”

A few minutes later the little girl comes back on the phone. “I did it daddy.”

“And what happened honey?” daddy asked.

“Well, mommy got all scared, jumped out of the bed with no clothes on and ran around screaming. She tripped over the rug, hit her head on the dresser and now she isn’t moving at all.”

“Oh my God!!!! And what happened to your uncle Paul?”

“He jumped out of the bed with no clothes on, too.

He was all scared and he jumped out of the back window and into the swimming pool. But I guess he didn’t know that you took out the water last week and cleaned it.

He hit the bottom of the pool and I think he is dead.

Long pause … The daddy says, “Swimming pool? …. Is this 486-5731?”

Okay so here are some pictures that will make you look twice. Now you may notice that none of these pictures have descriptive captions with them but that is intentional so that you might figure out the odd thing in the picture for yourself and enjoy more. Some of these are absolutely hilarious and others are really quite difficult to guess.

If you are facing some sort of difficulty in figuring out the picture, please refer to the comments.28 Photos That’ll Drive You Insane For 10-15 Seconds, Then You’ll Figure Them Out



Jennifer Aniston Finally Explains Why Her Nip*ples Were Always Being Shown On The Set Of ‘Friends’ |

Jennifer Aniston was always making headlines as Rachel Green in the beloved hit TV series Friends. From “The Rachel” haircut to her iconic fashion choices, Aniston was a fan favorite and the audience always seemed to have eyes for her…but with all that attention comes some unwanted scrutiny as well.

Tinseltown | Shutterstock


Even though decades have passed since the show first aired, the show remains relevant and popular among millennials. Although each character has their individual, over-the-top quirks, they still remain incredibly relatable and the jokes are still funny. But being on a show as big and timeless as Friends, and constantly being under a microscope, can have its highs and lows.

One is that certain insignificant details, such as whether or not Rachel Green wore a bra, continue to arise. Fans of the show can’t seem to help but notice that Jennifer Aniston, and her nipples, make a recurring appearance within the series.

Although today’s generation has movements such as Free The Nipple, it still seems to shock some viewers that Aniston’s nipples continued to show up in episodes. Some viewers saw it as opportunistic by producers to s3xualize Aniston’s character, others believed it proves the show was a pioneer in the ’90s for being so open and normalizing the nipple, and others just seem confused by the choice.


Was Jennifer Aniston aware of just how often her nipples were showing? Was it intentional? Did producers encourage the choice? People had questions and they wanted answers! Known as the “Nipplegate”, this issue continues to be a popular topic of discussion on social media.



When asked about it by Vogue, Aniston finally addressed the question: “Yeah, I don’t know what to say about that! It’s just one of those things, I guess. I wear a bra, I don’t know what to tell ya!”

More importantly, the actress added, “And I don’t know why we’re supposed to be ashamed of them – it’s just the way my breasts are! But hey, OG, I’m not going to complain!” Well said, Jen, well said. You’ll always be an OG in our book, and not just for your nipples.



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These People Are Literally Mad When It Comes To Clothing |

There are many kinds of people on this planet and we all are differentiated by our clothes mainly. Dressing is a profession and passion for some people, and they are designers. Some people have a really nice and attractive dressing sense to be fond of but some people are so insane on clothing that they don’t have any idea what they are wearing and most of the times end up being trolled due to lack of brains. These people also end up being the center of attraction at many places.

Let’s have a look at some photos of such variety of people who are insane at clothing

Transparent clothing isn’t the best option ladies beware of people around you, these are more of a Fashion Fail.


On a sunny day like this you ought not to wear these pair in the public for good.


A poor leopard inspired clothing that makes you look like a member of the cat family walking on two legs.

Not everything is that’s fashionable suits on you. Sometimes you should give up a trend if t doesn’t FIT you.


Lady Gaga has been one of the most controversial singers of all time and her clothing sense proves it why!


For people who like back bi*ching, now she has eyes on her back.

It’s not a GOT costume nor a puzzle, it’s a dress!


She got some serious Spongebob fan following.


Aren’t these two close enough???

There is a fair chance that the Japanese would never forgive you for designing and wearing this outfit.


And this old man forgot leggings that too the pink one’s aren’t made for men.


Now that’s an Assassin’s dress!


We’ve all had pictures that were ruined by unintentional awkward backgrounds. Most of the time, we’re so caught up in the moment that we forget our surroundings. Later, once we’re going through the photos we realize how the backgrounds render our photos completely inappropriate for practically every place out of our phone or albums.

1 What kind of a human sells lost children?!

2 Always check the background before posting your photos

3 Is that guy falling or is he striking a pose?

4 Somebody explain the nails please

5 Its beach day for all

6 So mermaids are real!

7 Took a selfie and saw my 20 years older self standing behind me

8 This is one to remember

9 Things that social pressure makes you do

10 Ever seen a group photo bomb before?

11 What is that guy looking for?

12 That guy looks kinda dead

13 She’s got bigger things to take care of

14 This one scared me Big Time!

15 When Mr. Timberlake photo bombs you

16 A man’s best friend

17 There goes a birdie

18 Background buns

19 Instant outdoor toilet moment for the dog

20 What did the poor kid do?

21- These sympathetic twins

20- Have you observed well? Spooky!

19- The 4-armed soccer player

18- By far he looks like a horrible and diabolical fish , right?

17- The tricky museum tricks are great

16- How the hell did that happen?

15- We can not understand anything . Y Tu?

14- A brave girl walking on stilts in the middle of the escalator. One second!

13- A blond centaur?

12- Wow! The cookie has been prepared alone

11-The order and rhythm in the designs can make us believe very bizarre things

10-“But what an adorable puppy …What the hell!

9- We’re all going to die!

8- We do not know what to think about this image

7- The water dance of the human spider

6-  A boat tired of crossing the oceans decided to rest on solid ground

5- What!

4- Centaurs are slowly taking over the world 

3- Look better before judging 

2- The right to marriage is not denied to anyone . Long live love!

1- In the supermarket, very strange things happen and this is proof of this

Stunning Photos Of 35 Celebrities For Whom ‘No Bra, No Problem’ |

Men, in some way or the other, always tend to suppress women’s rights or not allow them to do or live in whatever way they want. Many men often comment on what women wear or how they dress. They take an interest in what women wear inside or laugh when they don’t. True, men always tend to control or have a say in what women should wear and should not, or how they should behave. But folks, who are we to say anything? Why can’t we just leave everything up to them, including what to wear and how to live? Yes, it’s their own life, and we don’t have any right over them.

These stunning photographs of 35 bra-less celebrities, who seem to live by the motto “No bra, no problem” speak volumes that there is nothing wrong with going without a bra. Take a look.
1. Drew Barrymore

2. Jennifer Garner

3. Kim Kardashian

4. Natalie Portman

5. Jennifer Lopez

6. Britney Spears

7. Jessica Alba

8. Jennifer Lawrence

9. Christina Ricci

10. Lindsay Lohan

11. Olivia Wilde

12. Jennifer Aniston

13. Rosie Huntington

14. Christina Hendricks

15. Kendall Jenner

16. Selena Gomez

17. Carice Van Houten

18. Naomi Watts

19. Charlize Theron

20. Kate Beckinsale

21. Jessica Simpson

22. Geri Halliwell

23. Lily Allen

24. Joanna Krupa

25. Amanda Bynes

26. Miley Cyrus

27. Maggie Gyllenhaal

28. Heather Graham

29. Kate Moss

30. Kelly Ripa

31. Leighton Meester

32. Sophie Anderton

33. Terry Farrell

34. Rihanna

35. Khloe Kardashian

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12 Famous Actresses Who Actually Did It On Screen! |

Mostly the s3x scenes in movies aren’t actually real. We just see actors pretending to take pleasure in those activities. But there are exceptions. There have been a handful of movies that have taken it to the extreme. These movies weren’t p0rnographic, but still, the s3x scenes that they consisted of, were real.


So, let’s find out which are those extremely adventurous movies, where the actors went off limits.

These Are The Movies In Which The s3x Scenes Were Real!

1. 9 Songs


Directed by Michael Winterbottom, this 2004 British art romantic drama film was controversial due to the real s3x scenes between actor Kieran O’Brian and Margo Stilley.

2. Love


This French drama film that revolves around a school student had unsimulated s3x scenes between the actors.

3. Caligula


Caligula might be considered a p0rnographic film by some, but due to the presence of well known Hollywood actors like Peter O’Toole and Helen Mirren, it can be called a regular movie as well. The movie featured various real s3x scenes that were added into it post-production.

4. Shortbus


Shortbus is one of the most popular movies on this list. This 2006 comedy centers around certain happening in an artsy s3xual salon situated in Brooklyn. The s3x scenes in this well-directed movie are depicted to be real.

5. The Brown Bunny


This 2003 flick caught widespread attention due to the oral s3x scene between Vincent Gallo and Chloe Sevigny.

6. The Idiots


In the 1998 drama comedy, the s3x scenes are mostly simulated, but there’s one scene which features actual s3x enacted by p0rn industry stand ins.

7. Crusing


This Al Pacino starrer originally featured footage of actual gay s3x, which was later mostly cut out in order to achieve an R rating.

8. Intimacy


Intimacy is a well known British mainstream movie released in 2001 that features real s3x scenes between the lead actors. The movie even was awarded as the Best Film at Berlin Film Festival.

9. Pola X


This 1999 French romantic drama is about a young novelist who meets a woman that claims to be to his lost sister, the two afterward begin a romantic relationship that leads to some unsimulated s3x scenes. Step aside, Game of Thrones!

10. Gift


Gift was one of the first Danish mainstream movies to feature unsimulated s3x scenes between the actors. This 1966 drama is also known as Venom in the United States.

11. Satan’s Baby Doll


The hardcore version of this Mario Bianchi film includes scenes of real intercourse performed by the actors themselves.

12. Otto; Or Up With Dead People

This 2008 zombie film features plenty of erotic s3x scenes which were apparently real. Your love for s3x and zombies will definitely lure you in to watch this one.
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12 Things Men Pay Attention To But You Don’t

Men tend to get a bad rap about their observation skills—or lack thereof.

Some men will admit there’s some truth to women’s complaints, while others are working hard to end the stereotype for good.

Whether you agree with it or not, this article is here to let you know there are some things men notice that women don’t and they might be more reassuring than you think.

1. Your effort. Contrary to popular belief, if you make an effort to get along with his friends or force down that meatloaf he knows you hate just to make his mom happy, he’s probably going to notice.


2. How many times you wore those sweatpants. If you’ve been neglecting laundry for a while and you’re sporting the same food-stained, smelly sweats for days in a row, he’s likely one day away from offering you a Tide pod.

3. Your quirks. Do you avoid that crack in the sidewalk, or do you have to price check every item before you purchase them? You might overlook these funny habits but men probably won’t.


4. How “good” you sing in the shower. Doesn’t everyone believe they’ve mastered Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” after several intense shower sessions?


5. How you interact with others. How often do you yell at your sister when she’s driving you insane? Do you have a baby voice when you’re talking to your pet? He’s noticed.

6. Your texting habits. In the beginning, men will likely pay attention to your every emoji to see how interested you are. Girls who aren’t enthusiastic texters might find guys reading into their quick replies or dry humor. No one said we have to make it easy.


7. What perks you up. Chances are, your man probably made a mental note when he realized he got out of an argument after bringing you a Big Mac.

8. Your sense of humor. If he manages to get a laugh out of you he’s going to continue to pay attention to what cracks you up.

MRW Gifs

9. If you snore when you sleep. None of us snore.


10. What your movie choices say about you. Are you a sci-fi lover? Do you harbor an unhealthy obsession for Noah Calhoun? Do you own every Harry Potter DVD? (That one’s probably just me). Whether action, fantasy or rom-com films are your cup of tea, he’s getting a sense of what you’re drawn to.


11. When you say something is “OK” but it isn’t. Most of the time, we’re aware when “OK” isn’t OK but the odd times we don’t, our tone, facial expression or body language say otherwise and chances are he knows.


12. How confident you are in your birthday suit. Whether it’s bra on or bra off that makes you feel confident, he’s more attuned to how comfortable you feel than to those little things that might make you self-conscious.

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Plus-size model recreates celebrity photos on Instagram to promote body positivity

We have made commendable strides as a society toward a more accepting, warm attitude with regards to different body shapes, ideas and s3xual preferences.

With that being said, though, we still have some distance left to travel. One need only flick through the comments on an Instagram post of a body-positive blogger or plus-size model to realise that many people still hold archaic, outmoded views on what people – particularly women – should look like.

In fact, Instagram has arguably exacerbated this divide; its filtered corridors eschew reality for a particular brand of glossy fiction that is as incongruous with everyday life as an alien landing in Times Square.

Yet on the body shamers plod, leaving a damaging legacy in their wake.

View this post on Instagram

These two 😍😍 @iamjoshcarroll @madi_edwards

A post shared by TheCoupleGoals (@couplegoals) on

We are now confronted with images of what we ‘should’ look like – in reality impossible paradigms to which we might but haplessly aspire – more than at any other point in history. Whether on Instagram, on the glossy covers of fashion magazines or on huge billboards in the cities we live in, it is essentially impractical to avoid such paragons of beauty.

Some people are pushing back against the tide, though. Body positive bloggers and plus-size models are starting a movement on Instagram that aims to point out the unreality of impossibly perfect images. Fitness bloggers might post a side-by-side account of how such pictures are achieved, reminding us that reality is rarely so unblemished.

Diana Sirokai, a plus-size model, has her own method of achieving the same ends. She has been brilliantly recreating photographs of celebrities to promote a body positive message.

Oh, and her photos are absolutely stunning, too.

View this post on Instagram

I got this 📸

A post shared by D I A N A S I R O K A I (@dianasirokai) on

And then she took on the Queen of Instagram herself, Kim Kardashian:


Women should feel comfortable enough in their own skin to post whatever they like on their own Instagram pages; hopefully Sirokai’s efforts are helping to promote body positivity and loving oneself no matter what others might say. Keep on slaying!

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8 Signs She Definitely Wants Some Freaky Time

when she performs some naughty games with you, it’s the largest signal that she wants a few freaky time. as an example, she might also ask you what are your thoughts about the 5 satisfactory bed scenes or call the nice pornstars. this kind of naughty games results in naughty moments. in case you are a person with complete manage on your thoughts, she can no longer be successful in her assignment.

2. her touch says all of it

in case your girl performs with your hair and wishes hugs, she is making plans some thing naughty. the sort of contact she offers has all the indicators any woman can deliver while she is feeling s3xy. she wishes you to experience the softness of her frame to evoke your senses. if her contact doesn’t work, she will attempt harder than earlier than and could no longer forestall till she succeeds in what she wishes.

3. she offers a frame rubdown
that is the maximum effective trick your lady can use to excite you. you can’t say no whilst you come home tired and your lady appears with a bathtub towel and a bottle of oil in her hands. the warm temperature of her tender hands does the entirety she wants and you begin losing it slowly as she steps forward. “while you message someone, the degrees of oxytocin cross up inside the brain, and oxytocin is one of the chemical substances that drive attachment,” said helen fisher, an american scientist.

4. touching her seductively
she will be able to contact her frame seductively in the front of you to tell what she has in her thoughts. she could be playing along with her cleavage the usage of fingers. and accept as true with me, it’s so erotic. that is genuine as well that she may additionally approach your body. she might be gambling along with her hair and all you want is to examine her body language cautiously.

5. slinky clothes
has it ever befell which you rang the doorbell and the door was opened, in your surprise, by your girl who is in a negligee? nicely for positive, you’re going to be blown from your thoughts as you were just no longer prepared for it! her underwear may be visible thru her get dressed and what lies beneath, is waiting for you!

6. she invites you for a movie
if she invitations you to her condo, you’ll be lucky this night. there may be no want to inform what is going to manifest when you both are sitting subsequent to each other, watching a romantic movie. and in such conditions, it will become really tough to manipulate your feelings.

7. invitation to spend the night
she just requested you if you can live at her domestic for an evening because she is feeling alone and scared. don’t you find it a bit unusual? she remains all by myself in her bedroom every day, but all at once she felt the need of having someone. hmm, the entirety has a purpose. it might be that she is feeling the want for a few freaky time with you.

14 Everyday Things Men Do That Are A Huge Turn On For Women

When it comes to the topic of “turning women on”, there are obvious s3xual turn-ons, such as some well-executed foreplay, and then there are the turn-ons that happen outside of the bedroom.

In fact, as it turns out, if you want to get a woman’s heart pounding in pure lust and excitement, everyday activities like cooking and driving stick shift are your best bet.

It’s true! In a popular Reddit thread called “Women of Reddit, what do men do that’s attractive, that men don’t know about?”, hundreds of women went into detail about their number one nons3xual turn-ons.

So without further ado, here 14 pretty basic things you can do to make your girl want to rip clothes your clothes off.

1. When they cook

“I f**king LOVE watching my boyfriend cook. I can stand there and watch him all day long. He’s bustling around, chopping veggies and putting dry rub on meats and stirring things around in a pan, all confident and sure-like. “He thinks he’s just making dinner.

What he doesn’t know is that by the time the meal is ready, after watching him be so competent and unself-conscious and focused on making the food, I want to rip his clothes off and have my way with him first, and eat dinner later.” – projectedwinner

2. When they drive safely

“I find it hot when a guy drives calmly and safely. Too many times I’ve driven with guys that drive aggressively, speed, and try to show off; it is so comforting feeling like this guy that’s driving me actually gives a shit about me and my safety; I think it shows good character.” – insteadofessays

3. When they roll up buttons to their elbows

“Roll up button-ups to their elbows. “Bless.” – MichaelPraetorius

4. When they talk about something they care about

“Speaking passionately about pretty much anything. When my significant other talks excitedly about anything he cares about, even if it isn’t really one of my interests, it is insanely attractive to me.” – Sea_Potato

5. When they keep their nails short

“Keep their nails short.” – Lion_on_the_floor

6. When they concentrate on something

“Really concentrating on something, I love the look a guy has on his face when he is trying to figure something out. I don’t know why…” – Cannibalqueen15

7. When they laugh and scratch out of nervousness

“That s3xy quiet laugh while scratching the back of their head when they feel slightly nervous or awkward. *swoon*” – SugarTits1

8. When he places his hand on her back

“Hand in the middle of the back when walking with/directing a girl.” – robbieeeeee

9. When he sighs and stares while smiling

“Sigh and stare at you while smiling. Gahhhh.” – Deleted user

10. When he makes her feel protected

“I’ve had many a partner comment about my insistence on walking on the outside (toward the street) when walking together. It’s not a big thing, but it does offer protection and it’s noticed and appreciated.” – CassandraVindicated

11. When he has a paternal instinct

“Being paternal. Nothing gets me going like when they see a kid and instinctively go into the mode.” – tgoks

12. When he’s good with his hands

“Men being handy…mmph. Every time I see my guy talking about how he’s just gonna fix this with x, y, and z tools in this way gets me. And how he’s so focused on that when he’s doing it is THE biggest turn on…for me at least. Swoon!” – nattacino

13. When a guy looks at you when talking to you

“Giving eye contact when talking to you. Especially when there’s a bunch of pretty girls around.” – rockies2626

14. When a guy drives stick shift

“A guy actually driving using the clutch and working through the gears – listening to the engine and knowing when it gets to a certain sound/revs then you change up/down. Love it.” – mixed-metaphor

So there you go: women aren’t as complicated as they’re made out to be. Perhaps you previously thought turning a woman on was this massive task, but the truth is, you might be getting your girl all hot and bothered without even realizing it.